Race & Grace
Prayer Themes List

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Race & Diversity

Different Is Good

Praying into issues of race,

 stereotyping, & othering.


Racial Discrimination

Prejudice & Blind-Spots

Praying into cognitive issues that lead to implicit & explicit racism.

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Educational System

Racial Disparities In Schools

Praying into race issues negatively affecting the learning environment.

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Racially Inequitable Practices

Praying into issues of profiling, racism, brutality & accountability.

 Scales of Justice

Criminal Justice

Unfair Policies & Proceedures

Praying into issues of inequitable laws & systemic unfair practices.

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Housing & Lending

Discriminatory Practices

Praying into longstanding issues of racial biases in this arena.

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Diversity In Unity

Segregation & Integration 

Praying into issues of unity & inclusion & racial diversity.

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Healthcare System

Racial Disparities

Praying into issues regarding bias & unequal treatment.

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Race & The Church

Segregation, Power & Inclusion

Praying about the impact of racism & the pursuit of unity in diversity.

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Race Reconciliation

 Healing & Transformation

Praying for what's needed to mend breaches, & bridge the divides.

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Racial Trauma

Addressing & Dressing Wounds

Praying for those wounded by the impact of racial discrimination.

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The Church's Role

Justice & Bridge-Building.

Praying for the Church role to embody equality, pursue unity, & celebrate diversity, & work to eradicate the oppression of racism.