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Praying Through The Topics

Pray through the big theme of each block or pray into each point separately. Pray through one block a week or tailor your own rhythm to cover these themes.


As you pray, consider what God's will is concerning each idea & why, what society could look like when it aligns with God's will,  what it does to those most negatively impacted when society doesn't align with God's heart, & what's needed to move our nation & us personally in the direction of "in America as it is in Heaven" regarding the issues of racism & the eradicating of it.

New Themes Added Monthly

One  Blood - Many Tribes

One Race

- we're kinfolk -

May we...

  • Acknowledge kinship with one another.

  • Love those racially different as we love ourselves & as Christ has loved us. 

  • Accept our equal value in God's eyes & reject ideas of ethnic superiority.

Not All The Same

- everyone is unique -

May we...

  • Refuse to stereotype.

  • Reject racial profiling.

  • Reject negative overgeneralizations. 

  • Repent for race-based prejudgements.

  • Confront or leave racist conversations.

Different Is Good

- no isolating & insolating -

May we...

  • Learn how to be strengthened in diversity.

  • Pursue diversity in our relational lives, churches, para-church orgs & movements.

  • Integrate the voices & resources of POC in our secular & sacred learning arenas.

  • Reject social norms that require POC to homogenize or hide their uniqueness in order to be accepted & excel.  

Different Is Hard

- empathy over apathy -

  • May the impact of racism on blacks no longer be ignored or met with denial, minimizing, combativeness & comparison.

  • May blacks no longer be blamed for the problems of racism. "If only they would.."

  • May empathy instead of apathy be the common first response regarding the unique hardships of BIPOC.

  • Pray healing for the trauma of racism.

Skin Deep  Judgements

Blind Spots

- implicit -

  • Reveal hidden bias in us that unintentionally cause racist behavior in sincerely non-racist people.

  • Help us choose humility over defensiveness when our actions are questioned as potentially biased.

  • Help us care about & learn about the all-too-common negative impact of bias on BIPOC & how to combat it in ourselves.

  • Give us eyes to see how practicing favoritism toward those most like us can damage the work & witness of Christ. 


- actions & behaiviors -

  • Thwart the activity of racist organizations & groups that willfully plot harm to POC.

  • May racist practices in institutions all across America be uncovered & orgs held accountable for their harmful actions.

  • Bring the explicitly racist to repentance.

  • Help us all understand & work to end microaggressions against POC.

  • Teach the Church to embody inclusive,  equitable, non-discriminatory behavior as a witness of Christ.


  • Empower us to value every ethnicity & every person equally & impartially.

  • Help us weed out big & small prejudices & preconceived notions about POC that often go unchecked within us.

  • Convict us when we view people of color in a less generous way than we view whites &/or ourselves.

  • Teach us to be intentional in training our children how to be loving & respectful toward different ethnicities.

Savior Behavior

- anti-segregation nation -

  • Inspire us to intentionally & lovingly build relationships across racial lines. 

  • Empower us to resist uniformity-based racial unity.

  • Teach us to embrace & celebrate our ethnic & cultural differences & uniqueness.

  • Give us hearts to listen to, learn from, elevate, & integrate the voices of POC.

  • May we acknowledge & work to  address ongoing unhealthy racial segregation in secular & sacred settings.

The Educational System

Board Of Ed

  • Help us address the impact of the systemic racism from our past still influencing our current educational system.

  • Impart effective strategies that disrupt the school to prison pipeline.

  • Move state officials to draw more ethical school district boundaries to address America's highly segregated school system.

  • Grant solutions for the reality of unequal access to quality education, resources & funding between white & minority dominant schools.

Pray For Students

- overcomers anonymous -

  • Acknowledge & address repercussions segregated schools have on students.

  • Overcome the racism, teacher bias, & microaggressions students of color face in the school environment.

  • Increase quality afterschool programs.

  • More tutors for learning assistance.

  • Inspire churches to ally with underachieving schools - to pray, support teachers & students, donate resources, & volunteer as tutors & mentors. 

  • Exposure to more educators of color.


Pray For Educators

- bias in the classroom-

  • Empower teachers with wisdom to address achievement disparities among minority students. 

  • Resource them to teach accurate American history versus the standard white-washed version.

  • Encourage teachers to regularly highlight the achievements of people of color & their positive impact on the nation.

  • Provide teachers with curriculum from racially diverse sources.

  • Require anti-bias & culture sensitivity training for educators to counteract common discriminatory practices toward students of color.


- suit up & pray bold -

  • Pull down strongholds & structures of racism at work in our school system.

  • May explicitly racist educators be revealed & held accountable for their harms.

  • Pray for a significant shift in our one-size-fits-all approach to education that often leaves the underprivileged behind.

  • Contend for the freedom of those educators & students bound by racist perspectives.

  • Intercede for racial reconciliation & a culture of love & honor to emerge like a revival among students across America.

The Policing System

Serve & Protect 

First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, & thanksgiving be offered for all - for Kings & all those in authority—so that we may lead tranquil & quiet lives in all godliness & dignity. 1 Tim 2:1.

  • Thanksgiving for all those serving honorably in all levels of law enforcement throughout the nation.

  • May God protect the lives of those risking their lives to enforce the laws of the land.

  • Grace for them to fulfill their roles in godly, honorable & ethical ways.  

  • Provide officers with all the essential mental health support needed for the demanding job they hold.

  • Grant them wisdom to choose the right responses for each unique set of circumstances they encounter on duty. 

  • Bless officers & their families.

Rebuilding Trust

God, help us:

  • Develop a culture of respect & trust between law enforcment & communities of color.

  • Pursue procedures, policies & actions which lead to racial reconciliation between the force & black residents.

  • Provide culture training for officers serving in poorer black communities. 

  • Help police departments become more responsive to reports & grievances expressed by POC.

  • Help officers hold one another accountable to the high standards expected of them & grant any officers witnessing police brutality, the courage to intervene, & also to quickly report such behavior to those in authority. 

  • Address community-wide repercussions POC experience as a result of abusive run-ins with law enforcement.

A Better System

God, please help us:

  • Address the lingering impact of a legacy of systemic racism in policing.

  • End racial profiling.

  • Recruit & hire more officers of color.

  • Create a national policy of 'Lethal Force As Last Resort.

  • Pass national 'Knock First' policy.

  • Require nationwide training in de-escalation techniques.

  • Require anti-bias & culture sensitivity training to counteract common discriminatory practices toward people & communities of color.

  • Create laws & union contracts that don't insulate officers from appropriate accountability when they break the law.

  • Create screening protocols that adequately evaluate applicant implicit biases during the hiring process.

  • Be swift in firing those in law enforcement guilty of explicit racism & police brutality.

  • Provide in-service training programs that adequately train police officers in how to effectively & impartially function in non-white communities.

  • Establish a more diverse approach & protocol regarding who is sent to respond to police calls that are non-violent situations.


​Pray for:

  • ​The pulling down of any strongholds of racism at work in our policing systems.

  • A force-wide willingness to address biases that produce behavior racist in its impact even when not racist in its intent.

  • Intercede for a shift in policing culture that leads to an end of unnecessary violence-escalating approaches between police & people of color.

Criminal Justice System

The Big Idea

“This is what the Lord Almighty said: ‘Administer true justice; show mercy and compassion to one another.” Zechariah 7:9

  • May our criminal justice system reflect our obedience to God’s heart & the good command: do justice, love mercy & walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8)

  • May truth & love reign through laws which value human dignity, equity & opportunity.

  • Help us reexamine our beliefs & biases around law & order, policy & enforcement.

  • May our criminal justice system be reformatted to execute justice in ways that are equitable & fair,  especially in areas where it commonly unjustly impacts people of color more harshly.


  • Thank you, God, for those serving in law enforcement, courts & corrections. 

  • May public servants recommit to protecting and preserving whole communities.

  • May our institutions reflect the diversity in our communities.

  • Raise up the impartial & humble to positions of authority and dispel corruption.

  • Grant godly wisdom to judges, courts & lawyers.

  • May police and corrections officers rise up to address racial inequities inside their institutions.

  • Build accountability & cooperation within and across agencies.

  • Help activists, churches, & elected leaders develop solutions & sustainable practices, replacing correctional controls with community advocacy.

Policies & Practices

  • Cleanse our nation of the racial oppression & ruin caused by ungodly laws & warped interpretation of laws.

  • Stop all forms of abuse against black & brown bodies within the criminal justice system.

  • Help us confront sentencing inequities & remove judges who consistently sentence people of color more harshly than whites.

  • Bring sweeping change in the arena of drug law inequity which impacts people of color more harshly than whites.

  • Bring transformation to the bail system which favors the well-to-do while exacting hardship on & punishing the poor.

  • End mass incarceration & other systems of confinement that disproportionately impact blacks & perpetuate poverty.

  • End dehumanizing practices such as capital punishment, indefinite solitary confinement.

  • Let us reject punitive approaches like immigration detention which criminalizes migration or “zero-tolerance” in schools which neglects the health & safety of children.

Restorative Systems

  • Bring justice, healing and hope to all survivors of crime. 

  • Protect the jailed from despair and preserve their lives.

  • Help us reverse wrongful convictions & restore those affected. 

  • Strengthen families and communities weakened by the absence of their members serving jail time.

  • May we accept our responsibility to care for prisoners and may our prisons become sacred places for restoration.

  • Decrease the number of jails and increase entities of rehabilitation and resourcing.

  • Help us develop effective reintegration methods, removing legal barriers which keep those with criminal records from (re)building a full life.

  • May we invest less in retributive justice & increasingly more in restorative justice.