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What's Up With Race?

Before tackling racism & its ramifications in prayer

we'll need to grasp the basic concept of race. 

All humans share a common ancestry. Biologically, there is only one race. Race doesn't exist in biology, but it's still very real, helping shape life, perspectives, & opportunities. Being identified by race is a relatively modern concept in the scope of human history. And the roots & reasons for its inception were overwhelmingly exploitive.  

Roots Create Fruits.


The world got along without the concept of race for the overwhelming majority of its history.  The U.S. has never been without it. - D. ROEDIGER

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Reflect & pray into these concepts:

  • Despite everything that makes us different, we are all one race. God, help us see everyone as our kin.

  • We're each made in God's image & highly valued by God even in all our imperfections & brokeness. Father, help us value others as You do - equally & lavishly.

  • God's love toward everyone is unconditional.  Father, help us love others as You do, especially those least like us in ethnos, culture, & language. They're all our kinfolk.

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Reject Discrimination

  • God, empower us to reject stereotypes & refuse to make or agree with any negative overgeneralizations about any people-group, but especially regarding minorities.

  • God, reveal any hidden biases within us that result in wrong assessments & wrong judgments toward certain people-groups, but especially toward African Americans.

  • God, help us confess & repent of sometimes honoring less, valuing less, loving less, & practicing less generosity toward BIPOC.

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Celebrate Diversity

  • God help us not isolate from those different from us, but instead consistently seek to be influenced & enhanced by the uniqueness of every tribe, tongue & nation. 

  • God teach us not to marginalize but centralize & celebrate distinctives of perspectives, expressions, culture, & the many unique strengths people of color offer that challenge & better ourselves & society at large.

  • God help us do a 180 when we expect POC to engage in ways that require them to hide, homogenize, or reject their own uniqueness & culture in order to flourish in all sacred & secular strata of American society.

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Kids Corner

When we dignify & elevate voices & cultures that are different from our own, we slowly begin to learn what it truly means to bear the image of God. Here are a few resources to help your kids playfully understand the strength, beauty & rightness of diversity, equity, & inclusiveness across cultural & racial lines.

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What's Up With Racism?


Many think racism means hatred toward people of color. But racism is less about the emotion of hate & more about the way ethnic minorities are viewed & treated, particularly by those in the racial majority or in power. Racism, often rooted in the faulty concept of superiority vs inferiority, plays out in every stratum of society as unfair judgments & unjust treatment toward people of color.

Let’s Break It Down

Racism is bias, prejudice, & discrimination negatively impacting people on the basis of their racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

Implicit racism means you're unaware of how your biases, attitudes, & actions are unfair, unequal, & harmful toward POC. Explicit racism means you're, to one degree or another, aware of your disposition to disfavor, undervalue, & treat people of color differently. 


Racism In The USA

"God give us wisDom to know

the right thing to do, &

the courage to do it."

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Pray for God to:

Help uproot deeply embedded biases, prejudices & discrimination which have long harmed people of color in America, especially blacks. Harm enacted even by the Church.

Help us to be proactive in learning about & confronting bias that results in unfair treatment toward POC in big & subtle ways, & expresses the kind of partiality Jesus condemns.

Speak to hearts & set up circumstances that serve to convict people of prejudices they may hold against POC. Help them reject these negative prejudgments & learn to see rightly, judge fairly, & love equally. 

Allow those guilty of practicing discrimination to be held accountable for their actions, provoked to make amends, & encouraged by the spirit of God to have a change of heart & behavior.​

Pray for God to fill our citizens with the courage that we might seek to heal wounds, build bridges, and  establish peace  in our communities.


Our Nation

Pray for God to:


Strengthen our nation’s resolve to make amends for past injustices toward blacks, & to right the wrongs of history. 


Guide government leaders to legislate & support policies that seek to reverse the lingering effects of centuries of racism on our society. 


Move government authorities to allocate funding for the best programs & initiatives that identify racism & address its impact on our nation


Root out discrimination & establish just & equitable practices in the marketplace, housing, education, healthcare, law enforcement, & criminal justice systems.  

Help our government hold institutions accountable for discriminatory systems, cultures, & practices, & require retribution & change.  

Help our nation acknowledge the truth of racism present in our societies, & work to transform it into a nation of justice & equality for all.


Good Trouble

Pray For God To:

Empower those seasoned racial justice activists & educators to closely align their work with God's heart, will, & purposes.

Give them the spirit of perseverance in the long work of equity & reconciliation, holy grit in the face of deniers & antagonists,  continued boldness to speak truth to powers, & great patience in teaching & equipping those newly awakening to the reality & the extent of racism in America.

Refresh their souls, strengthen their relational support systems,  & supply their personal & work-related needs.

Bless those new to the work of racial justice, & reconciliation by giving them zeal to continue educating themselves about these issues, relational connection with people of color to give context & bear witness to transformation, boldness to speak out against racial injustice & for racial equity in their circles of influence, & courage to do the ongoing societal work of anti-racism as an expression of the second commandment.